Border Collie


Group: Herding

Weight: 30-45 lbs

Height: male: 20-23, female: 18-21 inches

History The Border collie has been developed on the borders of England and Scotland in the UK – therefore its name. These dogs were originally bred for the herding of sheep. These dogs became very popular because of its high intelligence and high levels of stamina. Even today, this breed is still a favourite when it comes to working dogs on farms and so forth.


Border Collies are medium-sized dogs that are very athletic. They also possess lots of stamina. Livestock work is very important for this breed of dogs. They are very confident, determined and have high energy levels. Border Collies are light on their feet, and they are extremely versatile.


These dogs are very bright and trainable. Border collies are very lively, and they have lots of willpower and energy. It is important for these dogs to please their owners and families, and they are very quick to learn – this makes them a pleasure to put to training. Border collies are dogs with a very good character and nature – and they are also very well balanced. They are also very faithful and dedicated – as well as affectionate and faithful to their families. These dogs will however not suit all owners as they require high levels of mental and physical stimulation which includes walking, jogging and biking. Not everyone will do well with this.


It is important to brush and comb these dogs on a regular basis to keep their coats looking glossy. When their soft undercoats are shedding, extra care should be taken. These dogs should only be bathed when necessary. Their ears should also be checked to make sure that they are free from ticks. These dogs are only average shedders. For more detailed info, take a look at the Border Collie Grooming page.


It is important to socialize these dogs with others from an early age on, as well as do obedience training with them. Border collies are very trainable dogs. They tend do very well when their training goes together with praise, equality, respect and control. Because they have a very sensitive nature, they must never be treated in a cruel or rough way. These dogs are also very talented in herding, police word, search and rescue operations, Frisbee trials and Fly ball competitions. Border Collies are also used as therapy dogs and guide dogs for the blind.