Group: Hounds

Weight: 11-32 lbs

Height: 5-9 inches

History The Dachshund is originally from Germany, and came from there many hundreds of years ago. Dachshunds were bred to hunt originally. They slowly became highly evolved. With their shortened legs they can dig the prey out and go down inside the holes. The smaller Dachshunds where bred originally to hunt hares. Dachshunds have several terrier characteristics about them. They are flexible and brave dogs. And they have also been known to take on foxes and otters.


Dachshunds are very funny, and they can be very naughty at times. These are very instinctive dogs. Dachshunds are most commonly seen as a friend rather than a huntsman. This breed of dogs loves to be around people, and should never really exhibit signs of hostility or shyness The Dachshund is a friendly dog, and also very outgoing. They are sure to steal the hearts of everyone they meet.


These dogs possess a lively and sweet natured. The Dachshund is a dog that makes a faithful and dedicated pet for the right owner. These dogs are fine for both the inexperienced and experienced dog owners. They are very flexible, bright, and sociable. Dachshunds are not the right choice for those with small amounts of time to offer to a pet. They do require love, awareness and company. Training should not be too much of a challenge. Dachshunds are quick to be taught, and very keen to please their owners. They do possess a very possessive streak when it comes to their possessions and food. These dogs have a wonderful sense of humour. They can also be very amusing and happy pets to have around. These dogs have a sharp bark, and this adds to them being good watchdogs.


These little dogs are only average shedding dogs. Their long-haired ones require brushing and combing on a daily basis. The wired-haired ones require professional trimming twice a year. The smooth-haired Dashunds can be rubbed down with a cloth regularly. For more detailed info, take a look at the Dachshund Grooming page.


Dachshunds can be very obstinate at times. This makes training somewhat difficult for the inexperienced owner. These dogs require positive and consistent handling – but they can also be a little sensitive. Therefore they should always be corrected in a tender manner, never unkind. Otherwise this breed can become passive and shy. Dachshunds respond best to a diversity of training methods.