German Shorthaired Pointer


Group: Sporting

Weight: male: 55-70, female: 45-60 lbs

Height: male: 23-25, female: 21-23 inches

History German Shorthaired Pointers have their origin from Germany as can be seen from their names. They were originally bred to be a very versatile dog and to be used to perform various tasks in the hunting field. These dogs have wonderful abilities in both the field, and also in the water. German Shorthaired pointers are very well poised.


This is a very active breed of dogs. They are very approachable and loving dogs, and also have a very gentle manner about them. These dogs are very good natured, and they are not nervous at all. German Shorthaired Pointers are very friendly dogs, and they are always willing to please their owners and families.


German Shorthaired Pointers are very flexible dogs. They are very lively and supple. These dogs do well in training, seeing that they are so quick to learn. Some of these dogs do have a very stubborn streak about the, and it is therefore suggested that they rather have owners with some previous dog ownership experience. On the other hand, other dogs might be overly compliant. German Shorthaired Pointers possess lots of energy, and they are very fond of playing. It is important to provide them with enough exercise as well as enough mental stimulation. If these dogs get bored, they might engage in destructive behaviour.


The coats of these dogs are not too difficult to take care of. They should be brushed on a regular basis with a firm brush, and bathing them should only be done when it is really necessary. These dogs are not dogs that shed too much. After hunting, it is important to dry the dog well to prevent them from chilling. Their feet and ears should also be examined well after they have been involved in working or exercise activities. For more detailed info, take a look at the German Shorthaired Pointer Grooming page.


In general, German Shorthaired Pointers are not very difficult to train – although they can be quite obstinate at times. It is important to provide them with enough patience and positive guidance. They tend to do very well in obedience training. They also love tracking activities, hunting and fly ball. For these dogs it comes natural to guard, and it is important to give them the necessary obedience training.