English Springer Spaniel

Weight: Male: 50 lbs | Female: 40 lbs
Height: Male: 19-21 inches | Female: 18-20 inches

The English springer spaniel is the founder of all the English hunting spaniels. During the Renaissance, it was though to be the perfect companion for the European hunter. It first became popular in America during the 1700s. The Springer Spaniel gets its name from the methods they use to flushing game: they spring forward to drive birds out of their hiding. These dogs do very well in hunting on both land and water. They are also very fine retrievers. The English springer spaniel’s cheery, calm personality makes him a perfect family dog. Some of their talents include hunting, tracking, retrieving, watch dogging and performing tricks.


The English Springer spaniel does very well not only in hunting on both land and water, but they are an ideal family pet as well. They are a solid and a medium sized breed. They are also extremely athletic dogs. They have very trusting expressions, and they are very kind and watchful. This breed is resilient, sturdy, more quick and prevailing than all other Spaniels.


Most of the English Springer dogs are steady, calm, welcoming, and sociable dogs that are wonderful for kids. They are also very bright, skilful, eager and obedient. The English Springer is also very energetic quick learners. These dogs are joyful and brave. It is also loving, good natured and sincere – this dog loves just about everyone. The English Springer does best when they are mingling with people as much as possible. They can get into danger if left alone too long. They adore water and may continuously get themselves wet and dirty.


These dogs have to be groomed on a regular basis with a rigid bristle brush, but they should only be bathed or dry shampooed when it is really necessary. Their ears must also be cleaned and checked constantly. It is vital to keep the hair on the feet trimmed to prevent seeds or other objects from becoming stuck in them. For more detailed info, take a look at the English Springer Spaniel grooming page.


The English springer spaniel benefits from early rigorous socialization and obedience training. They must be treated with determination, justice, praise, and consistency. These dogs enjoy and also excel in agility, fly-ball, tracking, retrieving and obedience. They are also very keen hunters. These dogs are also able to make wonderful therapy dogs.