Irish Setter


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Dog Breeds

Group: Sporting

Weight: male: about 70, female: about 60 lbs

Height: male: about 27, female: about 25 inches

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The Irish setter originated from a variety of spaniels, pointers and setters. These dogs were originally called Irish Red Setter in the United States, and at one stage these dogs was red and white with shorter legs than they have today. Irish Setters are very versatile hunting dogs. They are very fast, and they have very good noses. Irish Setters are both pointers and retrievers. Today, many people have these dogs as show companions or as family dogs.


Irish Setters are very energetic dogs. They also tend to be a bit impulsive at times. These dogs love to engage in running. When outdoors, it is important to keep them on a leash, otherwise they might just run off. It is important to train them in a firm and consistent way.


They dogs possess a lot of energy, and they are also very feisty. These dogs make wonderful family pets, seeing that they have a lot of love and affection that they want to give their owners. Irish Setters are very active dogs, and they are always keen to please their owners – they thrive on the attention of their owners. It is important to keep these dogs occupied and stimulated as they tend to become destructive when bored. Irish Setters are very clever dogs.


These dogs are not very high maintenance, and a daily brushing of their soft coats should be sufficient to keep it in a good condition. They can only be dry shampooed and bathed when it is really necessary. For more detailed info, take a look at the Irish Setter Grooming page.


It is very important to handle these dogs in a firm manner when training them. These dogs are very obstinate, and can be very independent if they want to. They might prove to be quite difficult to train. Therefore it is important to be consistent during the training sessions. Lots of exercise is also good for these dogs. They tend to do very well in hunting activities and water retrieving activities. logo1-5787588 vote_for_us-6534191